Mechanical Insertion - Envelope Filling

Cheque-Mates is a market leader in the use of state-of-the-art mechanical insertion equipment. One of our many capabilities is fully intelligent dual channel processing, which can mechanically insert up to C5 and inkjet in-line on the same equipment.

Cheque-Mates the logical choice for your insertion requirements. All of our equipment is supported by preventative maintenance agreements to ensure maximum up-time and the ability to cover full 24/7 operation.


Plastic Wrapping

Cheque-Mates operate a state-of-the-art Sitma C80/750 Plastic Wrapping systems across all sites. Sitma is internationally recognized as the market leader in plastic wrapping. Our Sitma has five Onsert/Insert stations, plus a book shuttle feeder.

It's a bold claim to make that your product is the most successful in the world, but Sitma believes that, in the polywrapping market, it has just that. The C80/750 was launched in 1975 and, according to Richard Maclean, sales director at UK agent Integra International, the machine has built up a solid reputation.

It was the bread and butter machine of the polywrapping industry, he says. And plenty agreed, with more than 2,000 machines sold worldwide, 250 of those in the UK.

Sitma has a solid background in the market. The Italian family-owned business was founded in 1965 and its roots came from the packaging industry. It then branched out into envelope enclosing and inserting, stackers, feeders and bundle wrapping machines. Integra has been Sitma’s UK agent since 1969.

Originally, two versions of Sitma’s polywrapper were launched: the C80/750-I, which ran at speeds of 12,000 products per hour (pph); and the C80/750-0, capable of 15,000pph. While the 750-I that Cheque-Mates employs can produce a thicker pack, the 750-0 produces packs with a shorter height. Advances over the years mean the machines now have improved controls, offering optimal throughput.

In addition, many feeder options are available for sectors including newspapers, magazines, books and examination papers, with an unlimited number of feeders possible. Cheque - Mates SITMA fleet are all equipped with five hoppers plus a booklet feeder

These developments, along with exceptional durability, have helped the C80/750 maintain its popularity in the market. We recently added in-line inkjet printing to directly personalise flysheets and booklets.

These features give you maximum flexibility to manage all your customers' needs.