This little cutie is called Brielle and she is an assistance dog. Assistance Dogs Australia are an organisation who obtains and trains dogs to assist people with their disabilities. These dogs help their owners gain greater confidence and freedom to do things that may not be attainable without these dogs.

The program for these dogs is run over a 2 year period at a cost of $20,000.00 per dog. They are taught tasks that able bodied people take for granted such as opening and closing doors, turning light switches on or off, they can also bark for assistance if required. Having a loyal friend that can perform these simple tasks enables their owners to go to school/college or work, they even relieve loneliness and social isolation.

Richard Lord is a driving force behind this organisation and needs our help. Cheque-Mates have undertaken sponsorship of a number of puppies continuing their commitment to care for not only the environment by the use of eco friendly plastic and paper but to put back into the community and assist in bringing some freedom and friendship to those who truly deserve and need it.

To find out more about the great work that Assistance Dogs are doing and how you can help please visit