What makes Cheque-Mates different is our infectious positive attitude towards our partner relationships which flows right through the entire team culture. This attitude together with our diverse range of information distribution software makes our value proposition very clear. Your Partner, Not Your Competition.

Our core focus on partnering with each and every prospect makes us an extension of their business and strategic direction. Our aim is to provide our partners with the tools to succeed in the Information Distribution space with no capital outlay or risk. We are positive brand specialists for our business partners and we understand their needs and the position that they are in when outsourcing Information Distribution projects to our sites.

Our state of the art machinery and our selection of software solutions certainly differentiate us from any other Trade Only Communications Partner in Australia.

Our internal integrity based processes can track every single sheet and mail pack through the entire workflow of the organisation. This gives our clients the comfort and guarantee they need. With our Business Process Automation tools we are also able to quickly highlight and document exactly where we can increase efficiencies and cashflow.

Our dynamic manifesting software allows for post-processing removal of items that should not have been in the original data file. Good examples of this are deceased intended recipients or people that have moved. These pieces must be identified swiftly.

As for our inserting machinery, the C5 inserting fully intelligent systems allow for applications like dual channel matching with cross fold and matching all in one system. There isn't a mailing house in Australia that can provide these solutions that are on offer at Cheque-Mates.

Our SITMA plastic wrapping systems are equipped with five hopper stations, a shuttle feeding system and online inkjetting. This allows for publications to be processed with ease into our Earth Wrap or standard plastic.

The Xerox iGen 150 digital presses through to inkjetting of B4 envelopes and carbonless sets separates Cheque-Mates from the market when it comes to width of products offered.

Cheque-Mates is Australia's premier Trade Only Communications Partner. Not only because of the machinery, but because of our team and their dedication to the task, no matter how challenging or difficult.

The attitude that is within is one built on a "can do, will do, must do" approach to everything we do.

We encourage our partners to visit and share in the infectious attitude.

Nothing is a problem.