We manage your stock, so you don’t have to! Cheque-Mates uses software widely recognised as a market leader in stock management.

We conduct stocktakes on a monthly basis to ensure the most accurate management of stock levels. At the commencement of each job, required stock is booked out of our system. On completion, overs are weigh counted and re-booked into the system.

That means running out of stock is never an issue. At the end of each job we we’ll confirm remaining stock levels. Stock Re-Order Reports can be emailed at a frequency you determine, which enables you to replenish stock as needed.



Hand fulfilment is one of our specialities, we take on the jobs that no one else wants to do. We do this in an efficient manner with specific processes and smarts that ensure that your projects are done in full and on time. We have the capacity to manage all of your client’s needs: no job is too big or too small.

We can perform a wide array of services. In the past we have done anything from hand kitting 50 gift boxes to 370,000 handline kits made up from 23 streams all with personalised pieces and variable inserts. We have a designated fulfilment area with the ability to scale up to 150 people per day to ensure we meet all of your processing and lodgement requirements.

Nothing is a problem!