There’s no need to search for the correct preprinted tray label, only to find you do not have it!

Cheque-Mates now offer the solution with the introduction of the new Barcode Tagger 730 from the premier U.S. leader in on-demand barcoded labels, Whittier Mailing Products.

With over 20 years of experience in the most demanding mailing industry, Whittier Mailing Products Barcode Tagger systems create accurate, barcoded labels instantly, for when you need them.

Thanks to years of research and refinement, and a working relationship with Australia Post, the easy-to-use Barcode Tagger produces mail tray labels that conform to all Australia Post regulations for all barcoded and unbarcoded lodgements.

These robust, compact systems allow mailers to quickly print labels individually or in large batches, convenient for any size mailing, any size mailroom. Save time and money by printing only the labels that you need, when you need them.

In addition the Barcode Tagger 730 has been developed as a network integrated solution, which features the capture of printed label information for accurate “Post Processing” postal reporting when exported and processed through Cheque-Mates’ Mail Reconciliation Systems Post Process reporting software.

  • Robust Linux Operating System;
  • Immediate, accurate label creation and delivery;
  • Barcode Scanning for Data Capture;
  • Secure encrypted data file exporting.

What MRS can do for your Company?

  • Provide a Single Platform System;
  • Increase Machine Production Output;
  • Provide Machine Performance Details;
  • Reduce Time in Report Production;
  • Produce Accurate Reports On Demand;
  • Eliminate High Cost Postage Departments;
  • Provide Security on Postage Costs;
  • Eliminate Over/Under Lodgement Errors;
  • Provide Highest Possible Report Integrity;
  • Eliminate Non-conformances and Issues;
  • Provide Corporate Governance Protection;
  • Creates an Opportunity and Realistic Path for a “Lights Out” Solution.

Postage Control Made Easy

After years of industry consultation, Cheque-Mates has developed a globally unique solution that caters for mail producers of all sizes an easy-to-use reporting system that provides detailed mail lodgement information in a single press of a button.

Unlike other front-end software formatting tools available on the market, the Mail Reconciliation Systems© or MRS© systems report on files created on the Whittier BT-730 Labeling Machines, intern this caters for report production on a wide variety of mail processing equipment, including intelligent, non-intelligent inserters, one piece mailers and plastic wrapping machines.

Once the created files have been uploaded from the Whittier BT-730 labeling systems, the MRS© creates accurate reports and displays individual mail piece location within individually identified mail trays and Universal Loading Devices.

For Australian customers; all MRS© reports are approved by Australia Post and comply to the Process Improvement Program (PIP) regulations.

  • Easy to use for all mail producing operations;
  • Accurate Reports for Mail Lodgements;
  • Four MRS© Versions available to suit all budgets;
  • Gateway to Complete Electronic Mail Lodgements.

Download our CM MRS brochure:

Need to lodge mail, now?

With MRS Point, Click, Done...

For many years partial lodgements have caused both mail processors and postal authorities difficulties in identifying exact mail piece acceptance practices, generally compounded when a customer questions or queries a particular non delivery issue. For this very reason global postal authorities have discouraged the part lodgment practice, making production capabilities less flexible for mail processors.

Cheque-Mates recognised the necessity for a robust system that caters for this essential part of mail processors day-to-day requirements. In addition, making the partial lodgments easy to check for the postal acceptance staff.

As such the MRS© system caters for partial lodgments unlike any other system available today in the Australian market and further sets a standard that makes the partial lodgement process transparent and non-conformance free.

Lodgement documentation such as:

  • On Demand—Mail Identification Labels (MILS);
  • On Demand—Universal Loading Device (ULD) Summary's;
  • On Demand—Mail Manifests;
  • On Demand—Mailing Statements.