What is CM Solutions?

CM Solutions is a new service offering from Cheque-Mates providing our clients and channel partners with the following benefits:

  • reduced risk;
  • improved cashflow;
  • increased revenue;
  • lower costs;

How does it work?

Cheque-Mates has expanded its specialist Information Management team by 500 per cent. That means our channel partners now have access to over 100 years’ of experience in the Information Distribution market.

This strategic decision enabled Cheque-Mates to offer CM Solutions to corporate, charity and government markets in the growth area of Information Flow.

Mailing and Fulfilment continues to be a small part of a much larger communications picture, especially if we are to achieve the four key objectives of reducing risk, improving cash flow, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.

To achieve this our experienced team will liaise with you and your customers, analysing their current inbound and outbound communications, as well as internal information flow processes.

We provide a FREE report detailing specific outcomes for each key objective. It may include recommendations on everything from simple Direct Marketing Campaigns and the highly complex world of Transpromotional messages, to traditional solutions involving print only and/or the delivery of documents electronically (Email, SMS, Fax, Voice, etc.) 

CM Solutions offers the latest technologies to realise your customer’s goals. Our team is focused on giving channel partners the edge to grow their customers’ business through this new offering, and there is no commitment to Cheque-Mates beyond the initial report.



Unique Solutions for your Business

Direct Marketing

CM Solutions delivers the majority of Direct Marketing services with a simple approach, eliminating the ‘bells and whistles’ of complex Document Composition software.

End customers have the best of both worlds by using software with easy Mail Merge-style design, and the grunt of behind-the-scenes scripting-based technology that’s time and cost effective.

CM Solutions provides our channel partners’ customer’s the point of difference solutions they’re looking for in the market place, whether that requires:

  • Black and white print
  • Digital Colour print
  • Charts in both 2D and 3D
  • Ezymailer creation
  • DPID Allocation and Sorting (For Lodgement in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Fully intelligent documents for cross – selling

CM Solutions service delivery can make the distribution of information to the end client a productive experience.



CM Solutions creates powerful solutions for any customer’s needs, from a standard ‘Invoice/Statement/Payroll’ style mail out, to an end-to-end two-way solution for both conventional mail and e-Delivery (email, fax, SMS, voice, etc.).

We analyse current process and offer recommendations to ensure every message stands out from the pack, achieves its goal, and meets our four key objectives:

  • We order transactional stock lines per customer requirements;
  • We add Transpromotional logic within messages to target specific clients within the dataset, and create unique documents that can include both 2D and 3D Charts;
  • We use detailed reports to track outbound communications, regardless of the method used, for every message sent throughout the entire process;
  • We guarantee every message will be sent in the most cost-effective and timely manner by leveraging DPID Allocation and sorting for maximum postage discounts, data merging and purging so ‘staggered’ mailings are done on specific days of the week/month;

CM Solutions will offer recommendations in a report to support a business case for future steps in the process.


Automated Solutions

The core of our fully-automated reporting system is driven by CM Workflow. Whether that’s internal information flow, inbound messages for OCR, key capture or outbound business critical communications, CM Workflow ensures data integrity throughout each step of the process.

The benefits of CM Workflow include:

  • Instant processing of files on receipt, rather than waiting for the start of manual production;
  • Electronic notifications to stakeholders at commencement and completion of processing;
  • Error Notification reports sent by email, SMS or both;
  • A reduction in processing errors arising from human intervention; and,
  • Confidence in the timely delivery of required communications.

Download our CM Solutions brochure:


How does it work?

Mailing and Fulfilment continues to be a small part of a much larger communications picture, especially if we are to achieve the four key objectives of reducing risk, improving cash flow, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.