CM Workflow gives you Centralised Control for Business Process Automation

Managing document workflows can involve numerous procedures for production, compliance and record keeping which can vary for each business case within an enterprise or through a production centre.

CM Workflow can streamline management of these critical tasks, centralising command and control for extensive workflow process automation. CM Workflow provides a framework for automation with a drag-and-drop interface that allows an administrative user to configure, create and monitor jobs within the system and manage the whole lifecycle of document production processes. This gives our business partners access to high integrity, low risk systems to cut their administration costs and increase cash flows.

Workflows From Simple to Complex - CM Workflow can automate custom workflows with any level of complexity.

Cross-System Processing - CM Workflow's flexible configuration framework enables the seamless integration of processes involving disparate enterprise systems (Accounting, CRM, etc.).

Tasks of Any Variety - Processes can be as simple as scheduling database updates or as complicated as load balancing processor intensive tasks across multiple systems. Outputs from CM Workflow include print, email, fax, voice, SMS, XML and more.

Unlimited Workflows - CM Workflow is designed to be command central. It’s open and flexible architecture facilitates an infinite variety of workflow definitions.

Core Benefits - The days of manual errors are over. The audit control logs capture every step within a desired workflow allowing your various administration teams to focus on client relationships. Cost reduction through decrease of mouse clicks, speed to market, hand processing and alternative methods of distribution guarantee savings to your business. CM Workflow can also be deployed to purely process data to generate reports and data files with Cheque-Mates acting as your trusted and flexible IT services partner.

Command and Control - While you can use CM Workflow to automate particular workflows and optimise and monitor targeted business processes, its capability to simultaneously manage diverse workflows provides efficiency and management benefits. Having one point of contact can provide visibility and ease maintenance and monitoring burdens. Similar efficiency benefits come from having a centralised point of contact to manage inputs, such as file uploads from web portals, outputs such as sorted and processed jobs and feedback such as email notifications.

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