Cheque-Mates has always realised its social and environmental responsibilities. We will always endeavour to do everything in our powers to be environmentally friendly.

Cheque-Mates works with several organisations to ensure our waste is processed in the most environmentally friendly way. We recycle all of our plastic, general cardboard and paper. All empty toner and inkjet cartridges are also recycled. We even recycle our timber pallets and skids, when possible.

Did you know for every tonne of paper that is recycled approximately:

  • 13 trees;
  • 2.5 barrels of oil;
  • 4100 Kwh of electricity;
  • 4 Cubic metres of landfill; and,
  • 31780 Litres of water are saved.

Cheque-Mates cares for the environment and will remain committed to ensuring efforts are up held for an environmentally cleaner and greener work place.